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Too tired to write a proper review

But definitely excellent work on this, I agree that you could refine it a bit more but a great tune nonetheless.

...yeah, that's all I got. G'night >:

Dirty sounds

In a good way :3

Want to hear more of this, winding that amen down into the dubstep breakdown is fucking delicious. and I want to hear it in reverse, blowing back up into a full out amen mashup.

Not really much to complain about, but I hope I get to hear how you develop this. Keep it up

Yes yes

What the KB said about its introworthiness. Sounds to me like it's building up to some sort of super dirty slowmo amen breakdown, but I try to add an amen to everything so ignore that :3

I'd kill to hear a full length tune made out of this though, could see myself throwing it into a mix to confuse the fuck out of the party people and make the audiophiles bob their heads. That's right, I just called you an elitist. And I mean that in the best way possible.

Keep it up

Erkie responds:

sankyou. Hopefully if it's ever played live it'll be party friendly :O.


I don't know if it's really creepy per se, but I'm liking it. Unstructured babble melting smoothly into a bit crunched orgy of ambience, it reminds me of something but I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe a little destructured refuxed Wisp goodness.

Great stuff <3

Erkie responds:

Wisp is awesome. thx.

Dubbed out tribal

God, like electro bay dubstep or something. I'm really digging this sound! I think you should expand it a bit, I'd love to mix with something like this.

Honestly, I wish I could give more constructive criticism, but this is the shit. Loving it <3

SymbolCymbal responds:

sweett dude. do it up.. i might expand it more but at the moment im werking on an orchestra hip hop piece.. it kicks much more ass then this one.. i just have to divide it up into an actual song. thanks for the review man. much appreciatted


It's undoubtedly excellent composition. Your progression is great, cohesive, and interesting. I've only got two complaints:

First, the midi. Definitely look into getting another program with a good piano library, export the midi to it, and the whole thing will sound much more natural!

Secondly, there are some structure issues in the composition. It's all a little too freeform, and while it sounds nice, it's hard to really get into it deeply because there's little indication as to where phrases begin and end...they just sort of run into each other. I could see how that could conceivably be an artistic choice, but it just didn't do it for me.

Great work! I'll be listening in more :>

Dude09 responds:

Thank you very much for the great review. I'm a flowy kinda artist, so it was artistic (nice judgement) and thanks again for the compliments :)


I'm really digging the slow build. Some might be irritated or disappointed by the fact that the melody doesn't shift a huge amount, and takes a long time getting there, but overall I like the vibe. All the instrumentation works great together, too. As a matter of personal preference I'd pump the drums a little, but it's fine as is :>

Good lookin

RyeGuyHead responds:

I am quite attractive, thank you

I did drown out the low end of the drums more than usual


Anyone who knows me well knows I'm not a huge fan of steps, but this is good stuff. The filtering is tasteful, and it makes the beat much nicer to listen to, and the occasional retrigger effects work well.

The melody's nice, but gets a bit repetitive, and though the flanging mixes it up at first, it eventually just got a little irritating to me. More a matter of personal preference than anything though.

Biggest thing that impressed me though was that it was all well mastered and mixed, something which you really don't see enough on NG, which depresses me. Nice balance of high/low tones as well. Overall great choon!

Fuiste responds:

Thanks for the review, I'm always grateful when someone takes the time to review me back, so thanks.

Anyways, anout your comment on the melody, I agree it might seem a bit repetitive, but I think part of the problem comes from the fact that I forgot to filter the second section of melody, thus leaving just the synth that may sound a bit harsh on its own.

Also thanks for noticing the mastering. That was probably the most time consuming part of this song save for the drums.


Solid stuff! The hoovers sound nice, strong but not so grating that they get irritating, which is my major problem with most breaks tunes. Nice bridge as well, the contrast of the pads with the rest of the deal works great. Does drag on a little though, in my opinion. Might behoove you to reintroduce the melody sooner.

The beat's too steppy for my taste, but I'm a raggahead so take that with a generous scoop of sodium chloride. Overall an excellent tune!

Nav responds:

Haha, thanks for the review! Yeah, ragga-heads definitely don't like breaks... it's not fluid like those sampled breakbeats. That's just the genre, though :)


To be honest, I think it sounds brilliant the way it is. I kind of like the lack of a lower tone. Personally, the way I'd think to fill it out more is to play off of the contrast between the drums and orchestrals. Roughen up the beat with some compression and maybe even some light filtering, and maybe double the kick to really add a punch. My thoughts.

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