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Useless review that nobody will ever read

Nice to see something bordering on classy succeeding on ng. Dick jokes notwithstanding.

ONce again..

Your films > all.


You, sir, are a god.

Truly an immense work. I've never seen anything like this. How long did this take you?

The integration of the animation into the video is nearly flawless, the choice of music is excellent, and the acting is funny as hell. Really amazing job, man!

S-K responds:

The real let down for this was because this was part of an education course I had to write a lot of needless paperwork which made everything take about twice as long. Although some of it might be good for an extras movie since it shows some of my secrets to making this... I dunno there but it would kill the magic in this movie so perhaps not.

To answer your question properly though preparing and creation of the main movie took about 4-5 months, adding another month or so to that for getting this ready for flash, I've had other work to complete though so getting it ready for flash I had to do in short bursts.

I think I could easily do this faster knowing what I do now though, but first I need to get the equipment again @_@ thank you for the curious review ^_^


Thanks for using my audio, mate. Made my day.

The graphics *were* kinda liney, but they were still pretty stylish. Also, it's really nice to see something with a bloody plot on the portal for once.

Overall, I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work, man.

reojionline responds:

hm... glad you like it man,Love the song,The liney thing is due to the line tool used I think,any way I`m learning the optimization tool which I will change the way I animate(maybe) thanks to bitey tutorial


It's nice to see something with a positive message up on the portal. Keep it up! You've got real potential.

yoyoman92 responds:

Your words have greatly inspired me. THANK YOU


I'm a furry myself, and I really dislike all the furry-hate shit going around. But your animation style is fantastic, and the Lowtax-mocking is priceless, so I have to give you some credit :D


That was by and large the absolute best animation I've ever seen. Keep up the brilliant work m'dear.

Bloody Brilliant

The animations were spectacular, the humor unmatched. Congratulations on an amazing flash my man.

I like Renoise because it makes me feel smarter than I really am.

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